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Adventure Cat Sailing: A San Francisco Mini Vacation

by Michelle Jones in The San Francisco Events Examiner. November 12, 2009.

Photography by Jim Barrett

The wind dances across the water and the pier in a delectable breeze. Anxiously tourists wait nearby by idly chatting amongst themselves as their ship slowly comes in. Adventure Cat Sailing transcends the traditional around-the-bay boat ride. On a clear day as you gently pull away from the pier it feels more like a mini vacation. It's astounding to know that thousands of people visit the pier weekly and walk right by the main attraction, the boats. Why would you visit the pier without visiting the sea? Let's examine the logic for a second. One theory is people think it's too expensive. If that's the case then save some money by taking the Cal Train or transit instead and avoid the costs of parking. Or save your nickels in a jar and pack a lunch and leave with an experience instead. For a $30.00 bay cruise or a $45.00 sunset cruise you can take a few seconds to live life to the fullest instead of simply surviving.

Adventure Cat Sailing is a hidden treasure in a cove of wonders surrounded by the barking seals of Pier 39. The beautiful mast and ship resemble more the set of a music video than an actual hourly cruise. They provide complimentary coats in case you get cold so you don't have to overdress to accommodate for the brisk sea air. This isn't your average cruise where over crowded passengers have to practically push and shove to get a chance to view the sea.

Photography by Jim Barrett

The Adventure Cat sailing boat was built by hand except the aluminum mast and backup engines. The boat was a combined effort between owners Jay and Pam Gardner and partner Hans Korfin and others. Described as "fun without fear”, the Adventure Cat has a second hull to ensure a smoother and faster ride. The moment you step onto the Adventure cat ship you feel like you’ve teleported into another reality.

With every wave that passes you slowly sail away from the evidence of man’s dominance on this planet. All that remains is the breath-taking views of the sea and sky and a few landmarks on your journey. Sail on!

Photography by Jim Barrett
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