On your sail

Probably not. Since we are so stable most people don’t have any problems. If you are very susceptible you may want to get a patch or some seasick pills.

It’s always a possibility outside, but most areas of the boat stay dry. Check with your crew upon boarding and they will show you the safe spots.

Yes, we have life jackets for kids and adults.

At this time we only offer drinks for additional purchase at the bar (beer/wine/non-alcohol). Unfortunately our food options have been removed until further notice due to virus protocols.

We try to schedule the sunset sails so that you always get a great view of the setting sun. Depending on the time of year and daylight saving time, the sun will set at different times.

On your scenic sail around the San Francisco Bay, you’ll sail by historic Alcatraz Island, get a unique view as you sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, take plenty of photos of the breath-taking San Francisco city skyline and pass by a colony of sea lions or even spot some whales.

We do have a bathroom, but due to the virus protocols and need to disinfect between any use, we try to keep it to emergency-only. Since there are bathrooms on Pier39, and the trip is only 90min, we ask you to try use a restroom prior to boarding. Thank you!