A timeline of how it all began…[timeline][timeline_item item_number=”1960s” ]Jay Gardner, his wife Pam Simonson and their business partner Hans Korfin all learn to sail, and a deep passion for sailing is ignited.[/timeline_item][timeline_item item_number=”1980s”]The three meet at the Napa Valley Marina and dream about building a sailing business together. A partnership was formed with the mission of taking people sailing in San Francisco – arguably the finest sailing venue in the world. Their vision was to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere that all ages could enjoy, utilizing the stability of a catamaran design, coupled with the region’s inherent and powerful wind, to create a safe and eco-friendly way to experience the Bay.[/timeline_item][timeline_item item_number=”1990s” ]The partners turn their dream into a reality. They spend 10,000 man-hours and 17 months building Adventure Cat in a Napa industrial building. It was an enormous undertaking. Everything but the aluminum mast, backup diesel engines and props were built by them. With the blessing of the United States Coast Guard, Adventure Cat debuted in December 1991, taking 40 happy passengers on the Bay.[/timeline_item][timeline_item item_number=”2000s”]In 2003, Adventure Cat 2, a new luxurious 65-foot catamaran was added to the fleet to accommodate groups of up to 98 people.[/timeline_item][timeline_item item_number=”Now” ]Our story continues, as our passion for sailing grows even deeper, along with our commitment to offer the pure joy of sailing with others.[/timeline_item][/timeline]

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