How can we help eliminate plastic in the San Francisco Bay?

We love sailing in San Francisco and, not to get all “Debbie-Downer” on you, but the truth is it’s impacted every day from the same plastic pollution problems as many other places.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 4 million gallons of trash in the Bay Area’s creeks, which lead to the Bay.
  • Plastic never biodegrades – it disintegrates into microplastics.
  • 91% of plastic never makes it to a recycling bin. Most bottles end up in landfills and oceans.
  • More than 7 trillion microplastic particles end up in the Bay every year.

Those facts come from our friends over, who work tirelessly to protect this beautiful body of water that we call our “office.” If you want to get involved, they are a great resource for local advocacy and efforts.

The reality is, we all have to pitch anywhere we can to make a difference. Adventure Cat Sailing is proud to sail 95% of the time, which is a super-light environmental footprint to begin with, but we also compost much of our waste, recycle where possible, and - you guessed it – try to eliminate plastic!

On that note, we are celebrating Plastic Free July by moving from plastic bottled water to our new aluminum cans of Open Water for sale on the boats! It’s a small step, but one we’re proud of. And…“why?” might you ask?

  1. Aluminum is easy to recycle and infinitely recyclable. In fact, nearly 75 percent of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.
  2. Open Water uses an average of 73% post-consumer aluminum in every bottle and can.
  3. Open Water is the 1st and only certified Climate Neutral bottled water brand - offsetting all of the emissions created not only by the packaging, but by the company operations as a whole.

What changes are you making this July to be #plasticfree?⁠ Visit to learn more about how you can make small change in your life, that will have a large impact to the world around you.

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