It may seem silly, but in 30 years of taking guests by Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge, you’d be surprised just how many times we get asked this question! Well, we’ve decided to share some insights on just what outfit (or outfits!) might make your trip on the Bay just that much more enjoyable…



By far a number one tip! And it pairs well with, “When in doubt, bring it.” The key to comfort here is multiple thin/mid layers, for example: undershirt/long sleeve T/hoodie/extra jacket type of combo. Some of the most beautiful aspects of SF are the micro-climates; fog in one direction – sun in the other – rolling fog against blue sky – it’s unpredictable! But being able to layer up or down will make your trip a breeze.



Have you ever read those stats about the amount of body heat lost through your head? Well throw in a Pacific breeze and it’s often 10 degrees cooler on the water than it is at the dock - so the difference maker for you can be a stylish beanie cap or ear warmer band. No hat? Even a scarf around the neck will help out considerably. Don’t be afraid to dig out some ski gear for this one, you’ll thank us later!


Sometimes those thin windbreakers don’t seem like much, but they have a name for a reason! If you’re short on room in your bag, this is a go-to piece for a boat trip. Often they are partially waterproof for any sea spray, and just cutting that first rush of wind can make all the difference. Pro tip: If you can’t find (or don’t own) a windbreaker a thin raincoat will do the trick!

Comfortable Shoes!

Ok, maybe this doesn’t qualify as clothing, but the right shoes can make all the difference. We suggest some kind of sneaker or soft-soled shoes with some grip. While the catamarans are already flat, stable and smooth – there’s bound to be some unexpected movement, so why push it? Throw on your “go-to” comfy shoes and have fun!


Proper attire?

Fully charged phone with memory space?

Tickets?...We’ll leave that to you ☺

Now you’re ready! Nobody wants to be too cold for that selfie by Alcatraz at Sunset, and how many chances will you get to pose under the Golden Gate Bridge on a catamaran?

See you on your next trip with Adventure Cat Sailing in San Francisco!

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